Constant assessment and readjustment of strategies, competencies and processes are an integral part of modern business life. Responsibility for planning, communication and implementation of changes lies with the managers.

With our extensive experience and the tools we have developed in-house we are on hand to help you achieve the goals you have set.

Improve the quality and outcome of onboarding processes and increase the efficiency of employee qualification measures through the use of our award-winning tool INPEGRAM®. Take advantage of our Efficiency Check to analyse the current status quo and use our „Status Check“ to verify sucesses, and benefit from the independent perspective of an external consultant to help evaluate how you plan your future measures. The PERSPECTIV „Kompetenzampel®” (capabilities traffic light) for resource-oriented employee development supports you in all stages of staff development.

As external experts we can guide you in:

  • Reflecting on current business challenges and scope for action
  • Defining personnel development processes in alignment with corporate strategy and (future) market positioning
  • Developing and improving professional skills and potential


Your objectives:

  • To efficiently extend your individual leadership capability and optimize your effectiveness
  • To reflect on strategic alignment, complex decisions and current challenges
  • To prepare for demanding situations and get open, constructive feedback
  • To safeguard your own work-life balance and your ability to perform

We provide you with a suitable environment for a break, where you can reflect on professional demands, with the coach as a sparring partner, sounding board or stimulus. A place where you can think laterally, act out courses of action and get the best out of your own effectiveness.
As a rule, coaching processes are agreed that divide into quarter-day or half-day units and at individually arranged intervals. What has proved itself for companies is a design where contact meetings with the line manager take place at the beginning, halfway through and at the end of the coaching program. This is where objectives are defined and successful implementations are reflected on. Our special setting enables such a connection to be made without watering down the confidentiality of the coaching contents.


  •  To reflect on personal strengths, potential and areas for development
  •  To diagnose performance bottlenecks and increase personal effectiveness
  •  To be committed, remain calm and maintain my level of performance


  • Identifying, assessing and fulfilling requirements appropriately
  • Matching self-perception with external impact
  • Managing my  “inner team” of thoughts and ideas and enhancing my own decision-making capability
  • Strengthening my personal attentiveness and resilience
  • The influence of  personal experiences, values and convictions
  • Acting with confidence in challenging situations
  • Self-organization skills and resource management


  • To clarify  and consequently implement managerial demands consistently
  • To identify and develop employees individual potential and apply situational leadership
  • To integrate effective management tools and successful leadership strategies


  • Assessment of my current status: My leadership type and the efficiency of my management
  • The “Trust Account” as key to successful leadership
  • Motivating and involving employees
  • Taking the reins: clearly conveying requirements, tasks and goals, reaching commitment and demanding implementation
  • High performers – low performers: managers as coaches
  • Integrating new colleagues
  • Conducting employee appraisals
  • Reporting and presenting my performance as a manager
  • Leadership competencies for technicians and engineers


  • To develop the capacity for action in challenging or complex situations
  • To detect inefficiencies at an early stage and develop potential solutions
  • To optimize stake holder interaction and to guarantee achievement of goals


    • Taking and implementing decisions swiftly
    • Identifying and eliminating domino effects, inconsistencies and inefficiencies
    • Making effective agreements – setting milestones – making consistent checks
    • Dealing with dead ends, vicious circles and stumbling blocks
    • The significance of transparency, agreement and appreciation
    • Increasing creativity and solution-oriented thinking
    • Leading and decision-making in complex situations


    • To enhance and add to leadership and cooperation skills
    • To reflect role behavior and learn how to adopt the most appropriate role in a variety of different situations
    • To balance my self-perception with that of others
    • To clarify prospects for the future and the associated steps to take

    Mögliche Aspekte:

    • The transformation from colleague to manager: mastering the change of roles
    • Identification of tasks, assumption of responsibility and developing solutions
    • Training in leadership methods, management tools and managerial tasks
    • Reflecting on self-confidence and time management
    • Evaluation of self awareness and awareness of others – developing persuasive power and effectiveness
    • Delegation, motivation, guidance and achieving results
    • Communication with employees, within the team, with superiors and external stakeholders
    • Closeness – distance – age – gender: Mastering potential areas of tension
    • Tipps and ideas for the first 100 days


    • Workshops series of aimed at junior professionals. Modules may either be booked individually or as a package
    • Personal coaching process. Possible Elements are directly linked to your personal situation and goals. In the beginning of your coaching programme we will take time to define and clarify these aspects and set out the appropriate process stages
    • Customized formats



    • To plan, conduct and monitor communication effectively
    • To detect, prevent or resolve any tension or crisis signals
    • To get all employees in the same boat and ensure motivation and willingness to perform


    • Coordination of typical change process dynamics and phases
    • The exemplary role of the leader
    • Developing vision and future perspectives
    • How to turn people concerned into people involved and reach agreement
    • Transparent information and communication
    • How to deal with resistance, fears, misgivings and rumors
    • Guidance of individual change processes

    Integration and qualification of personnel!



    Strategic development + Personnel development = Company success

    Elements and objectives

    Harnessing a broad range of consultancy expertise to generate sustainable success and growth in small and medium-sized businesses, the efficiency check provides you with a clear picture of areas for growth and development in the fields of:

    • Strategy
    • Organization, and
    • Personnel

    In only one day you will know how your company measures up in terms of the factors that are critical for success in these three areas, and which development options you can set in motion. The status check is designed so that sustainable implementation of defined measures can be evaluated after a few months and fine adjustments can be carried out

    Product Design

    • A briefing to establish relevant values and specific objectives
    • An efficiency check in the areas of strategy, personnel and organization
    • Evaluation of the results
    • Feedback/De-briefing with projected efficiency results and recommended measures in the three given areas
    • Are you looking for personnel development measures that are precisely tailored to your employees’ needs and job profiles?
    • Would you like a simple, but effective strategy for defining and planning training objectives and for implementing the steps involved?
    • Do you need a tool from a single supplier that will navigate you clearly, effectively and efficiently through all issues concerning employee development with clearly-defined criteria?

    The „Kompetenzampel®“ (skills traffic light tool) developed by PERSPECTIV enables you to use a simple logic to assess and specifically promote your employees’ potential – from recruiting and annual employee appraisals to the planning of possible career development stages.

    Small companies do not usually have an internal HR department for employee development processes. So in most cases the owner, director or an assistant is in charge of those issues. Usually their energies are bound by many other tasks, so it is always a challenge for them to find enough time.

    As HR- suppliers  with more than 25 years of experience we can offer you a solution for this. As external experts we offer you preparation, implementation and evaluation of targeted, sustainable development measures specifically tailored to your needs:

    • Advising on management in the planning of interdependent personnel and organizational development measures
    • Creating a customized curriculum for personnel development measures in your company
    • Preparing and moderating recruitment interviews including a concluding assessment of the development potential and fit of each applicant
    • Appraisal meetings, conflict resolution processes, team development measures, personal coaching for the extension of individual capabilities
    • Efficiency-Check and Status Check
    • Internal definition and calibration of organizational culture and corporate values

    We would be pleased to offer you a non-binding consultation about possible options for meeting your needs and requirements.